Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hot Pink

Red is soo 2011, this year pink is the new red, or so I have been told by the fashion industry. So I could not wait to experiment with pink. There is this misconception that pink doesn't suit black women. Well I think that is just ... Let me just say that there are so many shades of pink, it would be hard if not impossible to find one that does not suit your skin color.

So off I went to Kruidvat (a Dutch retail, pharmacy, health and beauty store), because of course their beauty products were on sale: buy two pay for one. A shopaholic dream come true.

Kruidvat Haul
Here you have it, my first (Kruidvat) haul pic. Eye shadow, lipgloss, nail polish, just a few beauty products just the basics, for any beautician will tell you: "less is more" Which brings me to the subject of make-up artist. Did I mention I have a make-up artist. Jealous? Well you can follow her blogs on make-up and fashion at https://www.facebook.com/DeBeautyBlog and https://www.facebook.com/pages/CK-MUA/364009100307747


However for my my Hot Pink look, I decided to have fun and do it myself. I drew my inspiration from Rapper Nicki Minaj who as a black woman totally knows how to rock the pink look.

And here you have it my first attempt at a Hot Pink Look.

A total success if I do say so myself.

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