Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sewing 101

With September issue long gone and fashion week now becoming a distant memory. It looks like I am entering the autumn/winter dip of fashion. But while on the surface it seems like nothing is happening in the fashion world, there is a lot of things happening behind the scenes. The dresses the designers drew up on their pad does not appear by magic. Those things actually have to be sewn. You know with fabric, thread and needle and in some cases a sewing machine.

It would only be fitting in my journey to fashion to journey into this mysterious world of sewing, hence the title of the blog 'Sewing 101'. While my mother is semi professional seamstress, in all my years I have never sewn anything. Shocked are you? Well, I think the gift of sewing must have skipped a generation, because I never had any inkling to touch that white box called the sewing machine. I must be a late bloomer because look at me in the picture below.

YES! I am sewing. I am as surprised as you are watching the picture. That fabric I am sewing in the picture is an apron. To learn how to sew this apron, I attended a workshop of the not profit organization Mode Met een Missie (Fashion With a Mission). 

Mode Met een Missie is a Fashion Foundation that provides women with troubled backgrounds meaningful daytime activities, training and a stepping stone to employment. The foundation works specifically in the ateliers of the fashion label Ami-E-Toi, whose collections is designed by Dutch fashion designer Claes Iversen. A the ateliers the women learn work skills and are introduced to work opportunities in various sectors. With Mode Met een Missie now also offering sewing workshop to the public, I decided to attend their introductory workshop "Mode maak je zelf" (make your own fashion).

Here is a look at the finished item 'apron with a side pocket':

My First Sewn Item

Now that I have got the sewing bug, I'm looking forward to my next sewing assignment. Visit my blog soon to see what I will be sewing next.

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