Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I was lucky enough to receive a Fashioncheque gift card for Christmas and thought that winter sale would be the perfect opportunity to go on a shopping spree. The task was simple. Go shopping at one of fashioncheque registered stores and get the get best value for money pieces that also look amazing on me.

Destination: Miss Etam
Budget: Eur 50,00
Result: 6 Items for the total price of exactly Eur. 50,00. 
Here is what I purchased:

1 Jeans
2 Top
1 Pullover
1 Scarf
1 Necklace

Now that is what you call shopping on a budget.

I really happy with my Miss Etam haul. I spend more than 2 hours in the store as I wanted to make sure that I wasn't just buying items because they were on sale. The had to be nice, a good fit and comfortable. With these items, I will be able to pull of different combination. Here is a look at some of the combinations.

This gift card shopping was a total success. How do feel about gift card shopping? Yes, please or give me money instead?


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