Monday, April 8, 2013

NOTD: Spring Cleaning

Today I bring you my first Nail Of The Day (abbreviated NOTD) post. After buying two nail polish from Essie, which by I just had to buy. Who can resist buying nail polish named after the caribbean islands Jamaica & Aruba .
Jamaica Me Crazy (#34)
Aruba Blue (#92)

Anyway. While I looking at my nail polish collection I realised that I really have A LOT of nail polish. Some colors looked alien to me as I could not even remember how they looked on my nails or even when I had bought them. So I thought it was time to do some Spring cleaning: nail polish edition. That is when I decided I would start painting my nails weekly to see if the color was a keeper or a goner.

Check out the results:

Week 1

Color Central Park (216B) from N.Y.C.

Week 2

Purple Glitter (45519) from H&M

Week 3

Color Park Avenue (246B) from N.Y.C.

Which color do you think was a keeper and which was a goner?

1 comment:

Ymke said...

LOVE the Central Park color from N.Y.C.! :)