Tuesday, May 28, 2013

30 Day No-Shopping Challenge

Ever heard of the no shopping for a year challenge. That is when you go a year without shopping. Extreme? Yes! First thing that might come to mind is why? Why in the world would someone not want to shop for an entire year? Shopping is fun, shopping makes everything better, right? While shopping can be a delight, there are many people who have become shopaholics and some are so without even knowing. 

Many people have come to realise that they are over-shopping. Just shopping without actually needing what they are buying and decided to  do the extreme and not shop and some did for an entire year.

Fashion is ever changing and so one might conclude that fashion is all about buying, buying and more buying. So I thought  that for my journey 2 fashion it would be good to know what it would be like to not shop, while still on the journey to discovering fashion.

While I admire people who commit to a year without shopping, a year for me would be too extreme. But as I still think that it is a wonderful initiative, I have decided to give a try for 30 days. 

My rules for the 30 Day No-Shopping Challenge

Not buying any:
  • clothes
  • accessories (bag, shoes, belts etc.) 
  • make up. 
with the exception: groceries and toiletries.

I am really excited for this challenge as I know that it will force me to be more creative with the clothing I currently have. and hopefully also save me a lot of money.

Wish me luck. I will report back in a month with the results.

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