Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Fashion Biennale Arnhem

The city of Arnhem in The Netherlands which is know for having one of the top fashion school in the country is organizing its bi-annual 2 month fashion event called the M°BA (Fashion Biennale Arnhem). 

The theme this year for its 5th edition is called Fetishism in Fashion. The M°BA will feature a series of exhibitions and events which explores and charts the passionate relationship people have with fashion and accessories. Starting from Eur. 20,- one can purchase a passe-partout MºBA PASS, which gives you access to most of MºBA's Fetishism in Fashion expositions, however there are many order events MºBA has organised free.

The event that I am most excited for is the MºBA Club Burlesque, which is a show that will feature Europe’s best burlesque dancers. I have never been to a burlesque show and think it will be very entertaining show to attend.

M°BA which officially started on June 9th has turned the city into the center of fashion for the next two months. This could also be felt a week ago before the official opening, when the city organised a Fabric Market right in center of the the city on a Sunday afternoon.

Check out the picture below of the fabric I bought. 
Now is time to get my sewing on.

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