Sunday, June 23, 2013

NOTD: Color Show

Today I bring you a nail color of the day (NOTD) post. I was gifted three wonderful nail color of the Maybelline Color Show collection. The Maybelline Color Show comes in 40 colors and has been a big hit this year. The three colors I was gifted by Grazia Dutch Magazine were Cool Blue #651, Orange Attack # 341 and Ocean Blue # 661. I was very excited to try out these nail colors as I never used Maybelline nail color before.

I started out with the Orange Attack # 341 and loved the result. There is so much to say about this nail color. First off, I love love the color. Contrary to the name, the color was more a of a orange/red than just full on orange. I also loved the nail color brush that made the nail color easy to apply. I was also very pleased with how quickly the nail color dried, perfect for if patience is not your strong point.

And now for the shocker.

With all the positive things I mentioned, I was shocked and maybe you will be too, to learn that after removing the nail colour my nails were YELLOW! I have never used a nail color that left my nails yellow and was utterly shocked that it happened with Maybelline. The strangest
thing was that the color show collections does contain Formaldehyde which is know for sometimes turning nails yellow. 

After some internet research I discovered that yellow stains also do occur when using reds, blue, black, green and purples nail colors. Thankfully I was also able to find several solutions on what to use to remove (yellow) stains from nails. The two most mentioned solutions on the internet are:
  • Putting lemon juice on a cotton pad and rubbing it on your nails
  • Ussing whitening toothpaste and nail brush (or soft toothbrush) and scrubbing the nails

The lesson to be learned is Base Coat! Because if I had applied base coat in the first place, I would not have had this problem. So from now on, I will be diligent about applying base coat to keep future nail stains away. 

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