Friday, July 12, 2013


Many people were shocked to find out that the ceo of abercrombie & fitch purposelly does not cater to women of bigger sizes. In all honesty I was not surprised. When you are a bigger size you are achingly aware of which brands cater to you, without having to hear it from the ceo himself. The good thing about this blunder was that what was already known to the plus size community was now made know to the entire public.

But it not all bad. The fashion industry is waking up. Over the past years there has been a small shift in the fashion industry where several labels are beginning to cater to the plus size market. It might have taken a crisis for them to see that the plus size market is a cash cow waiting to be milked, but whatever the reason I am glad to see it happening. If designers Calvin Klein and Micheal Kors can sell plus size, why can't the rest?

Two labels that I am very happy and excited that decided to go plus is Mango and Junarose.  

Spanish company Mango that has as goals to “double sales to 4.5 billion euros by 2019.” has decided to introduce a  new label for those aged 14 to 20 years old AND another for new label for plus-size women. The plus-size label could launch as early as 2014. The new line is part of Mango's new strategy to gain more market share especially in the US.

Mango biggest competitor Zara, decided against offering larger sizes in the US in the past, so with Mango introducing a plus-size brand they are hoping to have an advantage over Zara, because it will expose their brand to more customers and will give it a shot at a U.S. expansion. Now let us just hope that they make a better collection than that of Swedish company H&M, which is absolutely not as stylish as their normal size label.

The other plus-size brand I am excited about is that of the Danish family-owned clothing and accessories company Bestseller which brands include Jack & Jones, Vila Clothes, Pieces, Only and Vero Moda. Bestseller will presenting their first plus-size brand called Junarose. The Junarose collections will be available in stores across Europe for the pre-autumn deliveries in late July 2013. I have seen some sneak peak on their Instagram page @Junaroseglobal and just can not wait to see the entire collection.

Do you think plus size line is the next big thing?

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