Sunday, August 25, 2013

Results No-Shopping Month

To shop or not to shop.

A while ago I decided to do a 30 day no-shopping challenge. Which is the light version of "a year without shopping". You can read about the challenge in my blogpost here. Well now I will let you know how the challenge went. 

First, a summary of the rules. No buying for 30 days: 
- clothes 
- accessories (bag, shoes, belts etc.) 
- make up. 
(Exception: groceries and toiletries)

The first week went by pretty smoothly, but as the second came around, reality started to hit that the challenge might not be a piece of cake after all. The second week, the more I thought about not shopping the more I wanted to shop. Fortunately I was able to stay on track. But that might have been due to the fact that I went grocery shopping. And even though it was just food that I bought, it was still nice to actually go out and buy something. So week two: saved by groceries. 

The third week was the most intense week of the 30 day no-shopping challenge. That is when as a safety measure I decided not to go to any malls or the shopping center until the challenge was over. That same week after reevaluating my shopping behaviour, I decided to rearrange/clean out my closet. Which ended up being a great idea as I was able to wear clothing I did not wear in a very long time. Even friends started asking if the clothes I was wearing was new. After rearranging my closet, I then started to look around my apartment for things I could sell of on ebay. I mean, if I was already saving money by not shopping, why not make some more by selling stuff I did not use anymore.

The fourth week, I was mostly happy because I knew the 30 day no-shopping challenge was coming to an end (so bad, I know). I was constantly thinking and looking on internet shopping sites for things I could buy once the challenge was over. I kept counting down the days and when the challenge ended I celebrated by buying a dress, which kind of defeat the purpose of not shopping. I wish I could say that the 30 day no-shopping challenge inspired my to continue as many other have in doing it for an entire year, but it hasn't. But nevertheless I am really happy that I completed the challenge without buying anything. And after doing this challenge I am also much more aware of how much I buy in a month. So all in all I will say the 30 day no-shopping challenge was a success.

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