Thursday, October 31, 2013

Elle November Issue

The cover that many plus size / curvy ladies have been waiting for. The November issue of US Elle magazine that rocked the beautiful confident actress Melissa McCarthy. She is known for her roles as Sookie in the TV Series Gilmore Girls, Molly in TV Series Mike & Molly and more recently starring alongside Sandra Bullock in the move The Heat.

Here on the cover of Elle magazine fall edition she is representing the magazine's 2013 Women In Hollywood. 

For some, the magazine cover might seem as any other magazine cover, but in the world of plus size world it was celebrated that Elle magazine took the plunge and put her on the cover in full body shot. It is no surprise (maybe for some it is), but fashion magazines tend to showcase most plus size ladies that grace their covers with a head shot only which begs the question what's wrong with have a plus size body? 

For the magazine cover Melissa is rocking Wool cashmere coat and a triacetate-blend skirt, both from Marina Rinaldi. Great news for lovers of up-scale fashion brand Marina Rinaldi, two weeks ago they reopened their store in Amsterdam, PC Hooftstraat. 

The store might not be in my budget range, but I will definitely be making a visit to their store soon.

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Eloise Oldershaw said...

Mmm Adele really is the most beautiful woman ever. Mmm look at Mellisa in that coat. I, for one, am so glad that they went full body. We need so many more full body shots of full bodied woman. Also, yet another reason I love Elle haha