Saturday, October 5, 2013

Madame Supertrash

Let me introduce you to Dutch designer Ms. Olcay Gulsen. Olcay is an entrepreneur that started her own company at the the age 21. Now at the age of 33 she is owner of the fashion label Supertrash which is sold in 32 countries. She is  also known as one of the top succesful business women of The Netherlands. With Supertrash sold all over the world and her clothing worn by celebrities such as Beyonce she someone who's success one can only be admired.

Beyonce wearing Olcay Gulsen Open Back Dress during her Super Bowl press conference in New Orleans.

Olcay or as she is known on twitter Madame Supertrash was on the Dutch late night show RTL Late Night promoting TLC new season of the TV show Ultimate Shopper, where she will be a guest judge. Ultimate Shopper is a show where four fashionistas compete with each other to determine who has the best taste in clothes.

Ultimate Shopper fashion Jury

Here is a picture I took with Olcay after being 

in the audience of the Late Night Show.

Check out Supertrash webshop here and Olcay Gulsen Collection here for more of Olcay's clothing. Let me know if you spot a must have for the autumn/winter 2013.


Anonymous said...

Waouh I didn't know this woman was at the head of Supertrash. I do watch Ultimate shopper :P

Eloise Oldershaw said...

It's amazing, I'd heard of Supertrash and yet never of her! She's so beautiful! And only 33 and owns such a ridiculously awesome business and looks like perfection for her age... damn!