Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Front Row Seats

You know when fashion week is around the corner and everyone is waiting to see what the designers have designed for the coming season? When everyone would scour the Internet for pictures of the newly shown collections? Well somehow the fashion industry lost touch with the fact that fashion show is about fashion, because for the last few seasons it has been all about who attended the shows and who sat in the front row seats. 

Well IMG Fashion, which runs Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (aka New York Fashion Week), has announced a number of changes for their next fashion week in February 2014 aimed at addressing a growing complaints of designers' who have indicated that the shows are becoming being quite messy and full of attendees with only a small connection to the fashion industry. Changes IMG Fashion will be making includes new, more modern show venues and fewer fashion bloggers, this by cutting media tickets by 20%. Guess the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is trying to bring back the V.I in V.I.P.

As a blogger I can not say am angry, of course every fashionista dreams of attending New York Fashion week, but because of today's technology, shows and pictures of the shows are put online almost immediately after the event and some shows even live stream via the internet. While Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week wants to become more exclusive, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Amsterdam is taking the opposite route by becoming more inclusive by also selling tickets to the general public for their fashion shows.

But eventually it will come full circle. There will be a time when the demand for tickets will be so high for the Amsterdam Fashion Week that they will also opt for deciding to make the event more exclusive. And in turn when the New York Fashion Week discovers that because of their exclusivity that the public is more interested in cheap fast fashion, they will return to inviting bloggers to indirectly promote their event.

What you think of New York Fashion Week becoming more exclusive as in the past when it was meant for buyers, designers, stylist and journalist etc?

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