Saturday, February 1, 2014

New In: Blue Satchel

This is what I would call an impulsive buy. There I was walking around the train station waiting for my train, when I spotted a lovely blue satchel in the showcase of the Paperchase store that sells stationery, cards and gift-wrap. I never owned a satchel and thought if the price is right I might just buy it.

The satchel is not your typical brown/black business satchel. It is light blue and the flap is decorated with colourful strawberries, very toy like. It has this look that says, do not to take yourself too seriously.

There was a % sign on the satchel which meant it was on sale. So in I went inside the store to find out the price. The store clerk informed me that it was 50 % of its original price and that because of an all store sale another 20 % would be taken off the price. I couldn't be more ecstatic. As you know there are two things a girl can never have enough of and that is shoes and bags. Plus how could I resist a Euro 10 satchel.

Paperchase satchel with body strap:  Similar Here 

How do you like my blue satchel?

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