Sunday, April 6, 2014

75 Days Till Summer

Spring is already here and before you know it, like literally in 75 days it is Summer. Time to start doing those crunches in order to achieve that slim, toned bikini body by Summer time. If you are like and me and dread going to the gym you can always opt to do exercise video's where you can exercise from the comfort of your own home.

Jillian Michaels, famous wellness trainer from American TV show The Biggest Loser has a 30 days, 30 minutes, 3 level DVD training program. Where you do each level for 10 days. Check out level 1 for the first 10 days.

Fitness trainer and CEO of Beachbody Tony Horton has a 90 days bootcamp style fitness program DVD that includes 12 extreme workouts that are about 60 minutes each. And if you are short on time, you can also try the P90X3 which is 30 minutes. Here a sample 30 minute workout video with Tony Horton.

Hardcore fitness program DVD by fitness trainer Shaun T. It is a 60 days fitness program that focuses on interval training for about 40 minutes with in-between cool downs lasting only 30 seconds. Check out Shaun T. below on The Dr. Oz show giving a 15 minute work out.

So what is your exercise regime? Do you prefer the gym to workout video's ? Or do exercise outdoors?

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