Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Healthy Natural Hair

It has been three months since my New Year, New Hair post, where I had a lovely haircut. After the haircut hair length was 6.5 inch (17 cm). After doing a length check, my hair is now 7.5 inch (19 cm). Which is a growth of 1 inch. After three months this is really not bad considering that the average hair growth for my type of hair is around 0.5 inch per month. My hair might not be growing at the ultra sonic speed but as long as it is growing and is healthy I am not complaining.

A healthy hair is one that is cared for and if you thought that shampooing and conditioning is all there is to taking care of natural black hair, you are in for a surprise. Caring for natural hair is a whole other matter. There are books, websites, blogs and vlogs solely dedicated to natural black hair. To give you an idea of what goes into taking care of natural black hair, check out the healthy hair pyramid.

Natural Hair Pyramid

With all the steps required to take care of natural hair and all the products available on the market one can easily become a product junkie. (someone who has more hair products than the local drug store).

Product Junkie

In an attempt to keep my products to a minimal my product stash for my daily and weekly upkeep of my natural hair (bottom two of the natural hair pyramid) consist of five products from different brands. Which is not surprising as I have tried many, many brands until finding hair products that work well for me. Everyone's hair is unique so figuring out which products are best for your hair is key.

As part of my hair wash regimen I often use the Ocean Breeze shampoo from the 'Naturals' line of Suave and other times I just use any other store brand shampoo. 

Suave Naturals: Ocean Breeze
Suave Naturals: Ocean Breeze

For conditioning my natural hair after shampooing, I use the Olive Oil Deep Conditioner from Africa's Best product line is 'Organics' (olive oil based product line) or sometimes Truly Natural Deep Conditioner from Pantene Natural & Relaxed line, which is for black hair care. 

Africa's Best Organics: Olive Oil Deep Conditioner

Pantene Truly Natural Hair: Deep Conditioner

For moisturising my hair I use Olive Oil Moisturising Growth Lotion, which is also from Africa's Best Organics. The reason I use the moisturising lotion is, because moisturising is the one of the most important things you will hear when it come to caring for natural black hair. Just like drinking water to keep our body from dehydrating, a moisturising cream or lotion is used to hydrate natural black hair. Lack moisture can lead to dry, tangled and breakage of hair. Lastly as a finishing touch to my daily/weekly hair regime, I also use the (Argan) Serum Oil from Oil & Care Kroescontrol line of Andrelon on my hair for shine.

Do you consider yourself a product junkie? Do you use one hair care product brand or several?

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