Sunday, November 23, 2014

Visiting 2014 Pearl Life Style Event

In my blogpost Pearl Lifestyle Box which you can read here. I talked about going to the Pearl Lifestyle Event. So a few weeks ago, I went to the event and had a superb time. Here is an overview of some of the wonderful things I experienced at the event.

Was greeted at the entrance by hostesses offering free sparkly bubbles.

Took part in a natural black hair workshop given by Samantha Pollack, a black natural hair YouTuber.

Her YouTube channel is called: Jadoremycurls

Met up with the ladies of S.I.S.A. (Strength, Intelligence, Sisterhood and Adventure), check out their YouTube Channel here.

Enjoyed watching the Pearl Event Make Up Battle 2014 with jurror MD Make Up (2012 Winner, Holland's 3rd best Make Up Artist) 

And of the different shopping stands that were at the event, I was able to purchase a lovely hand make bag by MoMo Creations.

Visit their Facebook page here

All in all I had an amazing time at the Pearl Event. The event showcased what I consider the Dutch Urban Lifestyle. Where different unique (as a Pearl) cultures met and come together as one. The next edition of the Pearl Lifestyle Event will held in 2015 on April 25 & 26. More information can be found here.

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