Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New In: MAC Lipstick

My first MAC purchase and I could not be happier. While the MAC cosmetics brand has been around for a long time, I just never got overly excited when it started popping up in almost every big city in The Netherlands. Naïve me just thought, make-up is just make-up, but I could not be more wrong.

Mac has such a large color collection; every color in multiple shades. Most surprising for me was its quality, lasting longer than any other make-up I have tried before. A definite plus as well is that the MAC employees were also very skilled in giving advice in make-up that fit my darker skin tone, something I can really say is lacking in other cosmetics store.

My first purchase included two lipstick.  

One was the red “Ruby Woo” which is considered THE red lipstick to have by every make-up artist. It is also listed in the top 10 most sold lipsticks of Mac.

The second lipstick was the Dark Side, which is a darker shade or red.

I just love the way the two lipsticks look colours look on my dark skin.

After buying the MAC, I headed over the Hema (Dutch) retail shop and purchased a lip brush and a few lip liner pencils that would go along well with the MAC lipsticks I purchased.

Here is a wonderful video tutorial from Mac showing how to apply bright lipstick on darker skin.

I would love to hear if you are also a fan of MAC cosmectics. If, so which are you favourite colours?

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