Sunday, February 8, 2015

Curvy Fashion Photoshoot

This week I had the pleasure of attending the Curvy Fashion Photoshoot organised by Zizzi stores in The Netherlands. Zizzi plus size clothing stores expanding into The Netherlands has had a big impact in the local curvy fashion community. This Scandinavian brand came and showed that they knew exactly what plus size women wanted to wear. Gone are the days where curvy ladies mostly wore dresses that looked like tents or grandma's floral garden. In today's world fashion is for every size and if top designers don't want our money there are always other alternative places to shop such as Zizzi. 

For the Curvy Fashion Photoshoot each stores would for one day offer you the opportunity to make a reservation to have your make-up done by a proffesional make-up artist and have your pictures taken by a proffesional photographer, while wearing the latest collection of Zizzi clothing.

For this event I traveled to the Zizzi store in the city of Nieuwegein. I arrived at noon where I was greeted by the lovely sales representatives, where I received a short explanation of how the photoshoot would be arranged. The first photo would be offered for free of charge by the store and whichever other ones you chose after that would be at your own cost. After sipping champagne and eating delicious chocolates bites offered by the store, I walked around the store looking for an outfit to wear for the photoshoot. After several trips to the fitting room, my final outfit was a black top layered blouse with a black & white floral pants. Then I had my make up done and immediately afterwards headed straight to the fotoshoot mini studio inside the store which was set up by German company Beauty Stage. At the end of the photoshoot, I chose my favourite ones from the many taken which were then printed out. Before leaving, I also received a nice parting gift from the store.

This was my first in store fotoshoot and I love, love the experience I had that day and how lovely the pictures came out. 

Curious to know what you think of the final result. Let me know in the comments.

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