Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Dyeing My Natural Black Hair Red

For a very long time I wanted to dye my natural black hair red. One of the reason I have delayed it this long, is that I did not want to bleach in my hair. Having dark colored hair meant that for any color to really stick, I would have to first remove the color from my hair by a process called bleaching, which can damage ones hair considerably. After not having used chemicals in my natural black hair for more than 5 years. I did not want to take the risk of it getting damaged by harsh chemicals.

To dye my hair I opted for a semi-permanent hair dye as these have lower levels of chemicals. Knowing that the color would not penetrate my hair as much if it were bleached. I chose the most vibrant red color I could find. To be exact Vampire red from the brand Manic Panic.

Manic Panic - Vampire Red
Manic Panic: Vampire Red Hair Dye

Manic Panic sells hair dye that are vegan, paraben free and not animal tested. As the name suggest their hair dye colors are very bright and over the top. With the help of a friend, I followed the how to instructions on the jar on how to color my hair. A description is also listed on their site (click here). The great thing about Manic Panic is that you are able to dye your entire hair with just one jar of 4 oz. With my hair being shoulder length I even had some dye left in the jar at the end, which means that the jar would also be sufficient with someone with longer hair.

I am very pleased with how the color turned out. I did not have high exceptions as I knew that not using bleach would cause the coloring to be very minimal, but even without bleach my hair managed to get a very nice red shine.

Would love to hear if you also dye your hair? What are your favorite hair color dye? and if you heard or tried Manic Panic before.

Stay Fashionable, Miss George

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