Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Autograph Session With Veronica Roth

One of my other hobbies besides fashion is reading, which I guess you might have figured out from my last post (link here). Last week while on the Internet, I saw that young adults author Veronica Roth, known for writing the Divergent series would be in The Netherlands on a book signing tour. I love reading, so meeting authors are always fun. 

The meet and greet was organised by Best of YA Books, which is a division of Dutch publishing house Unieboek De Spectrum. For the event I had to travel to Hoofddorp a city close to Amsterdam, where Best of YA Books in conjunction with bookstore Boekhandel Stevens organised the meet and greet. A total of 250 tickets were sold for the autograph session that was held in one of the pop music concert halls of Duycker 

When I arrived at the event, Veronica Roth was in de middle of her two hour long autograph session. I queued for about 15 minutes before it was my turn to meet Veronica Roth. While queuing Best of YA Books handed out goodie bags which included a Best of YA Books linen bag, a tea mug, a bookmarker and several postcard of book quotes. When it was my turn I handed my book and note card, that had my name written on it, to a steward that then gave it to Veronica Roth while I walked to the table where she was standing. 

I spoke with Veronica Roth briefly about her visit to Amsterdam and complimented her on how nice it was to see how she interacted with her fans on social media. Then she autographed my Divergent book followed by a picture. For the brief moment we met, I can say that she is a very sweet and attentive person. As exhausting as autograph sessions can be, she really seemed to enjoy meeting her fans. 

I have already started reading the divergent book and can not wait to complete the series. Veronica Roth has also announced that she has a new sci-fi fantasy story coming out in 2017 (link here), which I also look forward to reading as well.

Boekhandel Stevens had the entire Divergent series on sale, so I decided to complete the collection by purchasing all four books.

Which books (series) are you currently reading? Which ones you recommend I put on my To Be Read (TBR) list?

Stay Fashionable, Miss George

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