Thursday, August 11, 2016

Bye Bye MS Mode

Remember that beautiful dress I wore in my going neutral Outfit Of The Day post (link here). The dress was from MS Mode, which is a Dutch fashion retail shop for women that sells clothing with all the same size range (sizes EU 40-52) without the plus size being differently priced. Well, it was just announced on the news that the retail shop MS Mode has filed for bankruptcy and I could not be any sadder. 

The shop which was one of my top 5 stores, where I would often shop will disappear forever. Now if we were not living during post-recession and new shops were popping up here, there and everywhere, maybe I could console myself knowing that there are other replacements. But all I can feel is sadness for another Dutch plus size store that bites the dust. 

I especially loved their marketing campaign called #CurvePower, which they started last winter.

They even involved Dutch fashion bloggers as part of the MS Mode #Curvepower campaign. Below features blogger Edith Dohmen from Style Has No Size.

That is coincidentally also when I also started seeing mayor improvements in their clothing designs. But I guess that was not effective enough to prevent the inevitable. Unlike some I really like buying clothing at brick and mortar store instead of online. But is seems especially when it concerns plus size clothing I am being forced to shop online. I guess am just old fashion and need to adapt with the time. Fingers crossed that MS Mode gets bought out by other investors.

Let me know in the comments if you love or dislike online shopping. Does the pros of clothing range and availability online outweigh the cons of not being able to physically touching and trying the fashion clothing before buying? 

Stay Fashionable, Miss George

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Blushbyc said...

Sooo sadddd!! i really loved their jeans

Blushbyc said...

Sooo sadddd!! i really loved their jeans