Thursday, October 27, 2016

Exciting News

Greetings fashion lovers. It has been a bit quiet on my journey2fashion blog. But don't despair I have not lost my love for fashion. It is more that I have found it, that I now even dare to stop calling myself a fashion newbie. There is no better feeling than being able to put an outfit together and know it looks amazing and realize that it did not take that much of an effort or planning.

But onto my other stories. During the course of the year I was following a management course that took up most of my time and with working full time, there was just not much time left to blog. That project is now finished, so now I am able spent more time on my other hobbies, like this blog. Stay tuned for my next post where I will be showing you what I wore to a British high tea wedding.

I am also slaying on my journey 2 good health. Link to the post here, where I talked about my healthy lifestyle journey. Almost 6 months in, lost more than 10kg. (22lbs.) and still going strong even though there are many ups and down. Follow MyJourney2GoodHealth Instagram account for more details.

Last, but not the least of news is that I decided to start a YouTube channel. Yes! crazy right? As I use this blog to talk about fashion and lifestyle, I thought I would use the YouTube to talk about other things I like, such as books. The community on YouTube that make videos about books is called Booktube. It's a niche part of YouTube, but it's a fun relaxing place where everyone share their love of books. Please go check it out and leave the comment "Butterfly" on my videos to show your support . Feel free to subscribe to my channel for weekly video's.

Link to my YouTube Channel:

I think the world is a wonderful place with many things to enjoy. I am at a point that I don't want to limit myself to one thing. As I grow older, I will continue to discover, learn, grow and embrace life with every breath.

Stay Fashionable, Miss George

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