Monday, March 20, 2017

Love Yourself Part 2

Hello my lovely fashionista's, how has your weekend? In my previous post I shared with you my new appreciation for valentine's day. I shared my thoughts on loving yourself and on treating yourself, because your worth it. This year I treated myself to something amazing. So amazing, I could not include it in the previous post as deserved to have its own post. It all began with my spontaneous trip to the Designer Outlet Roermondwhere I thought I would walk around and check out the final sale and see what was left of the Winter Sale.

I did not really have a shopping list, but was meaning to maybe purchase a bag. As my first designer bag was from Coach, I went to their outlet store first to see what they had in stock. I was urprised when I walked in the store and saw they only had classic leather bags. In between the six years since I bought my Coach bag, the Coach brand moved away from Nylon type bag and started focusing on basic, vintage-inspired bags

Disheartened with the coach store I continued window shopping, walking from one store to the another. With Designer Outlet Roermond having around 150 stores there was much to see, so I was far from bored. Towards the end of the afternoon, when the busy crowd started dying down and stores clerks started tidying up. I decided to walk in to Mulberry store to have a look before heading home.

The shopping assistant welcomed me in and asked if I was looking for anything special. I replied that I was looking around for a bag, but not that I had any specific bag in mind. I walked around in the Mulberry outlet store and looked at some of classic Bayswater bag they had. While the Mulberry Bayswater bags were definitely beautiful it was a bit too classy and not the everyday bag I was looking for. After the shopping assistant questioned me for a bit on what type of bag I liked, she brought out a small cute bag from the Cara Delevingne collection in oxblood colour  To say it was love at first sight would be an understatement and guess what.

I saw it, loved it and wanted it, so I bought it.


This Mulberry bag which is no longer available was released in 2014. As mentioned before it is part of the Cara Delevingne collection. Cara Delevingne, former top model and actress know for her most recent role as Enchantress in  the movie Suicide Squad teamed up with Mulberry to create a collection where she was also part of the designing process. All the bags in her collection have features that are unique to her as shown in the youtube video below. (Link here).

The bag is a smaller version of the Bayswater that doubles as a backpack. While I also love the classic Bayswater, for someone who is always on the go and often uses public transportation, I also wanted a bag that is pratical and having a bag that has straps long enough to be worn as a backpack is an added bonus.

I have no regrets in buying this Mulberry designer bag. It might not be everyone's cup of tea and that is ok, because worrying about what others think never made anyone happy.

Stay Fashionable, Miss George

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